Turning demo

Gerald has a very nice lathe, Oneway, in his shop. Keola is ready to show

how to start roughing the shape of a Norfolk pine blank.

Bowl turning
Here are the shavings flying from his 5' long gouge.
Bowl turning
Bowl turning
Carl showing off his style...
Bowl turning

Here is the razor sharp skew chisel, for the final shape.

Takes a steady hand!

Bowl turning
Smooth as a baby's butt!
Bowl turning

Gerald is mounting his steady-rest, to stabilize the bowl

while turning the inside.

Bowl turning
Ready to drill out the center.
Bowl turning
The drillbit is stationary, the wood is spinning...
Bowl turning
Starting to rough out the inside...
Bowl turning
Keola is leaning in there.
Bowl turning

Here Gerald has mounted his special hollowing-out tool. The contraption

on the top is to hold the laser pointer for guidance of the turning of the

final wall thickness, less than 1/4".

Bowl turning
Rick has a go at it....
Bowl turning
Robert is giving it a try...

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Bowl turning demonstration

April 2005 Guild Meeting at Gerald's