Captains Quarters

At July 12, 2008, 

we had a Guild meeting in John Wittenburg's shop, Kahakuloa. Just a few days ahead we had not decided what kind of subject to have for the meeting, but in the last minute we got a project.

Earlier we had volunteered to do something for the Hui Noe'au Art Center as a support and good-will gesture. The had indicated they needed some book shelves for their office, sounded like a good project for us. John had some old wood from The Baldwin High School old bleacher seats, which he donated. The day before our meeting I got the measurements from the Hui for the three low shelves. Our meeting was scheduled to start at about noon, I was there early with Peter to get started. The guys and gals started to show up, and we started to discuss design and joinery. By about 1pm we started by preparing the stock. Then we laid out he joinery, and started cutting mortises and tenons! By 6pm the shelves were finished, and it ws time for dinner. We had a good turnout, over 20 people, and almost everybody worked in the project at some point. Next day Mike and I oiled the shelves, ready for delivery Monday! There will be more to read about this in our upcoming newsletter.

Mats Fogelvik

Meeting in Kahakuloa

The book shelf project.

Old Kahakuloa Village, John's shop to the left.

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At work
The crew at work