Guild Meeting at Mats' shop


Peter and Shaun demonstrating Complementary Template Routing. Tom showing routing jigs for cone shapes. Mark showing vacuum clamping fixtures, etc.

How do you fit two pieces of wood together when the joint is not straight? Complementary template routing! Shaun Fleming made the clock with help of some templates and paired router bits. More about the clock here.

We had offered free pizza after the meeting, and the crowds showed up!


peter explaining

Peter is explaining the theory of the templates. Based on an article from FWW March/April 1989.



One of the template halves, screwed onto the work piece.


pere & Shaun

Peter explaining, Shaun is ready to get to work.



Routing away, shavings flying.


finished cut

The cut is finished, with the 5/16" offset.



Shaun is unscrewing the template from the second piece.


perfect fit

Perfect fit!



Tom is showing how he made the form and parts for this table with help of routers.



Mark is putting on his salesman hat, demonstrating his vacuum clamp, and some other cool Fast cap gadgets.



Fast cap 101



Enough talking, time for Pizza and beer!