May 2005 Meeting

Michael Fortune in my shop

Michael Fortune slide show and seminar.


In May 2005 we had Michael Fortune visiting the island, holding a series of seminars/workshops. Here on Maui he came to my shop and showed slides, and demonstrated how to do inlay stripes with a simple scraping tool.


Michael Fortune

Michael demonstrating the scraping tool. John H watching.


scraping demo

Here he is using the scraper against the fence.


scraping demo

Scraping the groove with the hook.


scraping demo

Cutting the end of the groove.



Shaping the hook on a bench grinder.



Michael is filing the single tooth on the scraper with a square needle file.


John and Michael

John W. and Michael.



More pictures of filing the hook.


scraper tooth scraper tooth

Detail of the tooth.





Next day, visiting John in Kahakuloa;


John is showing off his Captain's desk for Michael.


John by his Alaskan Cedar cabinet.



Watch out for the falling coconuts!