First show

We had three categories of awards:

One was determined by the jurors:         The HFIA award.   It went to Mats Fogelvik's "The Heritage" #22
It was deemed the piece best representing use of Hawaiian grown alternative woods.

One was determined by the exhibiting artisans:    Artist's choice.  20 out of 30 artisans voted.  Shaun Fleming's "Chest of drawers" #20 got 4 votes,  Tom Calhoun's "Ulu 'ohe"#5 and Peter Naramore's "Game table"#45  got 3 votes each.  "The rosewood chair"#50 by Christian Puibaraud/Curtis Paddock  got 2 votes.  Pete Conway's carousel horse, Dennis Holzer's sculptures #31 and 32, Mats Fogelvik's cabinet, Shaun Flemings wall cabinet, John Wittenburg's collector's cabinet and Pat McGuinness' "Dance on the wind' all got one vote each.

One was determined by the public: People's choice.  We had over 9000 people visiting the show and they were given an opportunity to vote on their favorite piece. 923 people did vote.  The winner there was Peter Naramore's "Game table and chairs" #45   It got 161 votes! Second place was Shaun Fleming's "Bamboo wall cabinet"#19  with 68 votes and third Shaun Fleming's "Chest of drawers"#20 , with 49 votes.  Mike Riddle's louvered door #56, got 40 votes, and Steve Grimes' jazz guitar #24 got 35 votes.