Inspired Hands 2003

Art Deco vanity and stool

Art Deco vanity and stool by Bill Anderson.
Koa and rosewood.
Winner of People's choice and Artist's choice!


Halltable and turnings

Halltable and turnings by Tom Calhoun.



"Maui Shaker" by Peter Boder.
Koa and rosewood.


Corner Table

Corner Table by Tom Calhoun. Dye work by Elaine Gima.
Silver oak, koa pommele sapele.


Camphor wall cabinet

Camphor wall cabinet by Shaun Fleming.


"Mango" wall cabinet

"Mango" wall cabinet by Shaun Fleming.
Marquetry inlay on doors.
Koa, and various woods.


Queen size bed with nightstands

Queen size bed with nightstands by Mats Fogelvik.
Koa wood with Milo finials.


"Koa Sunburst IV"

"Koa Sunburst IV" by Mats Fogelvik
Koa, wenge and rosewood.


Dining chair

Dining chair by Dane Jensen.
White oak.


Bent laminated veneer chair

Bent laminated veneer chair, by Dane Jensen.
Mahogany and maple veneers.


"Let's dance"

"Let's dance" by Robert Lippoth.
The picture is not distorted, the wall and the table are curving!


Dining table

Dining table by Robert Lippoth.
Koa and Monkey pod wood.
Canoe models by Bill Coulter.


Koa sideboard

Koa sideboard by Peter Naramore.


"Kids Dining Set"

"Kids Dining Set", by Gregory Owen.
Lychee wood slab.


"Torchgiver" and coffee table

"Torchgiver" and coffee table by Rick Kealoha Pa.
Bamboo, koa and maple, with batik painted motifs


"Clown fish" room divider

"Clown fish" room divider by Rick Kealoha Pa.
Birch and batik paint.


Hall table

Hall table by Travis Pennington.
Koa and Wenge.


Chess board

Chess board by Travis Pennington.
Koa and maple, with ebony.



Stool by Matt Provencal.
Mahogany, rosewood, leather


Wash stand

Wash stand by Teresa Rizzo.
Inspired by by a washstand handcrafted by Rev. Jonathan Smith Green, Makawao, late 1800.
Sugi and koa.