Inspired Hands 2003

Large bowl

Large bowl, made of Kou wood.
Harold "Gilly" Cambra.



Three bowls in foreground by Gerald Filipelli.
From left closed form bowl, Cook pine, Tall calabash and open form bowl, Cook pine.


Flared bowl

Flared bowl in Mango wood by Gerald Fillipelli.
Winner of the HFIA award.



Tamarind lamp by Carl Haupt.


Koa platter

Koa platter with turquoise inlays, Carl Haupt.


Turned mushrooms on koa slab

Turned mushrooms on koa slab. Carl Haupt.



Detail of mushrooms.


Turned segmented vases

Turned segmented vases by Tom Calhoun.


Turned and carved vessel

Turned and carved vessel by Guus Mauri.
"Kalo Ohana"
Norfolk pine.


Feathered sphere

"Feathered sphere" by Guus Mauri.
Pheasant wood.


Natural curls

"Natural curls" by Everett Noetzel
koa wood



"Pa'u o Hi'iaka" by Al Rabold.
Primavera, with inlays of koa, milo and hau wood.