Flindersia brayleyana


Queensland mapleLarge evergreen tree introduced in 1935 for trial in forest plantations. The tree can get yo 70 ft (21 m) high and 3 ft (0.9 m) in trunk diameter. Bark gray brown, smoothish, slightly fissured into warty ridges. Inner bark dark red near surface, beneath light pink streaked, with gritty bitter taste. Sapwood is pink and heartwood a lustrous pale brown, often with interlocked and wavy grain giving a pronounced figure. Called silkwood because of its resemblance to silk. This lightweight wood (sp. gr. 0.45) machines well but lacks resistance to decay or insect attack. It is an excellent cabinetwood, one of Australia’s finest, and has been used for everything from aircraft propellers to boat planking. In Hawaii, trees now growing are expected to be used primarily for veneer production.



Canopy of tree






Young plant.
seed pods

Interesting looking seed pods.