Eucalyptus robusta

Robusta wood Robusta is the most commonly planted of over 100 eucalyptus species introduced to Hawai‘i. It is a moderately large tree, 50 to 160 feet in height, and up to 4 feet in diameter. The wood is light red in younger specimens, and runs to a deep, dark mahogany red in older trees. The mature wood is very hard, and typically very heavy (specific gravity .8). It compares to white oak in most strength properties. As with many of the eucalypts, successful processing of E. robusta is achieved by eliminating the brittle wood near the pith. In fine furniture applications Robusta is extremely durable, typically finishes with a deeply reflected glow, and ages over time to a rich mahogany color. The fanciest grade of quartersawn E. robusta lumber has a dramatic “block mottle” figure resembling a checkerboard of parallelograms.



Eucalyptus Robusta tree


  bark and leaf

Sample of bark and leaf